Denkwerkstatt für Zukunftsthemen

Office Adress:
Goldschmiedgasse 10/3/3
1010 Wien, Österreich

Association Adress:
Hauptplatz 1a
3390 Melk, Österreich

ZVR Number: 183905024

Telephone: +43 676 841090337


A think tank for future topics

GLOBART is a laboratory for social impulses. We invite a vast diversity of people into a safe space and encourage them to engage in open-ended dialogue, to foster a mindset that breaches the stiff corset of customary patterns of behavior and thought. 
We believe that through encounters, through listening and working collaboratively, new impulses for social change can be sparked and answers to pressing questions of our time arise. The focus of our work is to transfer knowledge and to encourage consciousness. Our aim is to grant access to the future generating value of science and art for as many as possible.

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Experiencing the unknown with heart, hand and brain

Since its premiere in 1999 the GLOBART Academy has established itself as an internationally recognized forum for issues of the future. It serves as a platform for people who seek change and wish to shape it in a cooperative and interactive process. The invited speakers act as activators in a field that is open for various voices and perspectives. Through discussions and collaborations, we are able to develop new tools and experiment with ideas, that can help us build a better tomorrow.
During the Academy, we realize our claim to experience an annual theme with heart, brain and hand.  The Academy opens windows into society as a conscious act of sharing ideas on how life can be better in the future.
Every year, a thinking space is created and opened to all participants in an unusual place, outside of the daily routine. From joint cooking to the development of concepts for urgent topics.  Everything is possible and conceivable - always under the premise that the participants are open for new, different perspectives.

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