A thought experiment to get in the mood of this year's GLOBART Academy. 

"The muscle of freedom threatens to wither away at home office. In the state of medical emergency however, this was hardly avoidable. But it's time to train it again. Mental stretching exercises are now necessary." says Eric Gujer editor-in-chief of the NZZ. In this sense, we start the GLOBART Academy with a thought experiment on a possible next constitution – the occasion is the GLOBART ACADEMY annual topic (MACHT)POWER, as well as the 100-year anniversary of the Austrian constitution! We invited two long-standing companions of GLOBART, Friedrich von Borries and Stephan A. Jansen to deal with this most central text of our democracy. Together with GLOBART they initiate a thought experiment and invite visionaries from all areas of life, to rethink the constitution for the 21st century:

"We live in a truly strange, precarious and thought-provoking time.  In the context of digitalization, climate change and the corona pandemic, constitutional boundaries are being tested worldwide to determine the extent to which political rights, religion, art etc. can and should be restricted. Post-democracies have been discussed for some years now - between necessity and dystopia. Imagine that a new "constituent assembly" were to be convened to discuss the future shape of our democracy."

"We want to explore possible alternatives to update democracy in times of global climatic, digital and viral changes."

Helena Kersting
+43 676 841 090 333

15th of May - 15th of August