Haus Bartleby

Haus Bartleby

"Denn nicht für die Arbeit lebt der Mensch, sondern für alles andere"

Das Haus Bartleby - center for career refusal was founded in 2014 as a circle of Authors, scientists, artists, journalists, theater makers, students and Workers in Berlin-Neukölln. Since then, several books, actions, interventions, Theatrical performances and covert coups have been initiated by the group.

Anselm Lenz:

“I strike in the fight!”

Anselm Lenz, trained cultural scientist, journalist, theater maker, published a.o. Das Ende der Enthaltsamkeit (The End Of Abstinence) in Hamburg, 2013. He worked for years as dramaturg of state theaters and festivals, later as an editor, lobbyist and publisher. He was also a.o. metalworker, co-founder and poet of the “Intellektuellentaverne Golem” in Hamburg (2011 to 2017) and a ghostwriter.

Jörg Petzold:

“I strike far too rarely.”

Jörg Petzold, actor, radio producer, a.o. producer of the weekly literary program Lesen und lesen lassen for the station FluxFM for over ten years. For many years he was engaged in acting ensembles of major state theaters and festivals and is also an expert in ecology and enlightened healing practice.

Lucy Redler:

born in 1979 in Hann Münden, lives in Berlin, certified social economist, socialist, activist for more staff in hospitals. Member of the party DIE LINKE and in 2016 she supported the Capitalism Tribunal.

Rouzbeh Taheri:

born 1973 in Tehran, is actively involved in the rent movement in Berlin and spokesman of the initiative "Deutsche Wohnen und Co". He is a graduate economist, lives in Berlin and was one of the prosecutors of the 2016 Capitalism Tribunal on the subject of property.